What is Best PC Gaming Chair Under 200 dollars?

Investing in a good PC gaming chair is always a good move. Gaming chairs add more comfort and style to your home setup, but they can be pricey. Gamers spend a lot of time in front of the PC, so they need great PC gaming chairs specially designed to offer durability and comfort during long gaming sessions. Thankfully, some are available at a pocket-friendly price, i.e., under $200.

If you’re looking for the best budget PC gaming chair, look no further. In this guide, we’ve listed some in-depth tips and reviews of each product that will land you a comfortable PC gaming chair without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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Types of Gaming Chairs

There are various types of gaming chairs under $200 available in the market today. Here’s everything you need to know about these game chairs and their styles.

Rocking Game Chairs

These chairs rest on the floor in an L shape. They’re usually closer to the floor than any other PC gaming chair. They feature padded backs, headrests, chair arms, and a scooped L-shape. The top-notch ones may feature subwoofers and speakers, RCA inputs, wireless receivers, and padded-vibration for underside and back.

While this gaming chair is a fantastic choice in enhancing the gamer’s experience and comfort, it’s not an ideal selection for long-term gaming. The rounded L-shape doesn’t promote an upright and neutral spine, which adds tension around the upper spine and shoulders. This may affect your gaming efficiency when playing for long hours.

The rocking game chair doesn’t allow you to place your feet flat on the floor, which results in stiff knees and hips after long hours of gaming.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

These pedestal chairs are usually rocking gaming chairs placed on a pedestal. However, this chair is raised slightly and comes with a headrest and armrest. It also rotates around a raised pedestal instead of raised wheels.

This chair has a fantastic structure that’s more optimal than the Rocker in terms of spinal neutrality. Additionally, the armrests help you achieve a more relaxed upper body and reduce tension around the upper back and neck. However, this chair doesn’t allow the knees and hips to unflex and open since the feet cannot lay flat on the floor.

The pedestal chairs are ideal for gaming or living room to host friends or pair TVs close to the ground.

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PC Gaming Chair

The PC gaming chair is well-raised from the ground. This is because PCs are usually placed on desks or tables, and so the best position would be a higher position where feet are firmly attached to the ground. These chairs are padded and come complete with armrests and headrests for maximum comfort while gaming. They have a swivel feature and feel similar to an office chair. Additionally, it is designed in a “bucket style” set to improve comfort when gaming for long hours.

These chairs are the most ergonomic options for a gaming chair. They have built-in lumbar support and detachable cushions and can lean back up to 180° to relieve you of the pressure when sitting for long hours.

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

This chair is placed directly on the floor and doesn’t have back support. The bean bag gaming chair lacks amenities like RCA inputs, detachable cushions, armrests, or headrests. However, this chair is well-padded and offers unmatched comfort to gamers. They are flexible, lightweight, and affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for young gamers.

However, for gamers who have back issues, this is the worst option since it does not offer great support.

Best PC Gaming Chair Under 200 Buying Guide

It easy to determine the reasons for buying a good gaming chair than actually getting the right one. So to help you get the best out of your investment, here are some considerations to make when finding the best PC gaming chair under $200.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic gaming chair should be designed to be easy and comfortable. The best PC gaming chair should be designed to reduce stress and maximize comfort for your body. A comfortable PC gaming chair should include removable headrests, lumbar cushions, and so on.

Adjustable Components

When you’re looking for a budget PC gaming chair, you should look for one that has adjustable features. In order to get a comfortable and versatile gaming chair, it should feature an adjustable armrest, headrests, lumbar cushions, footrests, and height adjustment. All these factors depend on how well they suit your needs.


Gaming chairs usually feature mesh-like or fabric-like fabric. While these fabrics have their own perks, the ultimate choice depends on your personal needs. Many brands use PU leather materials because they’re durable and smooth. While leather gaming chairs sport a professional look and are durable, they are less breathable than mesh or fabric chairs.

If you’re a full-time gamer, go for a breathable fabric that will leave you sweat-free all day long.


The appearance and style of your gaming chair may seem a small factor, but no one wants an ugly gaming room. A stylish PC gaming chair brings live to your gaming space and adds extra aesthetic to your room.


Getting a good gaming chair doesn’t have to break the bank. Just because a chair seems expensive doesn’t mean it will suit your gaming needs. Therefore, choose wisely and go for a chair that’s comfortable and durable.

Best PC Gaming Chairs Under 200 Reviews

GT RACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair

The GTRacing has invested much in designing chairs that are stylish and comfortable for professional gamers, and this chair is no exception. The chair is ergonomically designed with a sturdy metal frame and a highly-padded seat.

GTRACING Gaming Chair is also height adjustable and has reclining and rocking features that help you place the backrest in place for superb comfort. 


  • Smooth PU leather
  • Height  adjustable
  • 1-year warranty
  • 360° swivel
  • Ergonomic design


  • Great lumbar support
  • Great adjustability
  • Eye-catching style
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Easy to clean


  • Cheap base
  • Not suitable for large gamers

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair

Are you looking for a chair with an ergonomic design to immerse yourself in your game? The Hbada Gaming Chair strives to bring the perfect gaming chair with sufficient sitting space for professional gamers. This chair features durable PU leather with a detachable headrest. It also has an elevated backrest, which helps correct support and alignment for your neck and back. Its maximum weight load is 300lbs, and the chair swivels all the way round.


  • PU leather
  • Holds weight of 300lbs
  • Removable headrest
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • 1-year warranty


  • Reclining backrest
  • Swivel and slide chair
  • Comfortable padding
  • Perfect for gaming


  • The lock feature is cheaply made
  • Its quite heavy

OFM ESS Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional gamer, the OFM ESS Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair is your perfect gaming chair. The smooth, pliable leather accents give an upscale look while the customizable features give you all-day comfort. It’s a swivel chair with a 360° rotation and a set of wheels for smooth mobility.

This gaming chair is specially designed for the comfort of gamers who spend long hours gaming. It comes complete with highly flared out backrest sides that offer unmatched comfort. It also has extra padding on the sides of the seat to cushion you from severe back pain.


  • Thick multi-layered foam
  • Ergonomic swivel chair
  • Soft thread leather
  • Center-tilt control
  • Contoured segmented padding


  • Provides luxury  and comfort during long gaming sessions
  • High back swivel chair
  • Premium leather cover
  • The chair is very stable and sturdy
  • World-class cushioning


  • The chair does not recline

PC Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair with Adjustable Armrest

Are you looking for an ideal gaming chair? The PC Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair with Adjustable Armrest is the perfect chair you’ll find for long-term use. This gaming chair features premium PU leather with a high curved back. With this, you will enjoy gaming like never before. It also has a 360° swivel that helps you to turn with ease. 

The PC Gaming Chair features an angle recliner and an easy lock-tilt system. This state-of-the-art chair can hold up to 250 lbs; hence it’s convenient for adults and kids. This gaming chair is foldable and sturdy to allow easy portability.


  • Sturdy and foldable
  • 250lbs capacity
  • 360° swivel
  • Premium PU leather
  • Heavy-duty metal base


  • Has a unique appearance and is thickly cushioned
  • Breathable PU leather
  • Adjustable headrest pillow
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The seat is pretty hard


Best PC Gaming Chair Under 200 dollars

Gaming chairs can be quite expensive, and it might be hard to justify spending a fortune on one premium brand.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up our best picks that will land you a PC gaming chair under $200.

The above gaming chairs will offer you an out-of-the-world gaming experience without breaking the bank.

What is the Best Mouse for League of Legends?

Being a professional LoL player isn’t easy. No matter how good you’re at gaming, you may have to carry your team along to win such a match; you need to have an advantage over your opponents.

But what gives you an edge over your opponents? Your gaming mouse! You need to invest in the best mouse for the league of legends to enhance your gaming skills.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed some of the top LoL gaming mice. Before diving into the reviews, you need to understand what makes a gaming mouse worth your penny and it’s use in the game for the victory. Here’s everything you need to know about the best League of Legends gaming mouse.

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Why Does a Good Gaming Mouse Matter?

If you’re a gamer, you’ll be spending long hours glued on your PC playing League of Legends. This engaging game needs quick access to various buttons. A mouse featuring customizable buttons make it easier for you to access any function you need. What’s more, you need a mouse that is quick to respond.

What Mouse Do Pro-Level Players Use to Play League of Legends?

If you’re not operating on a budget, go for the gaming mouse with more customizable features. However, there are pocket-friendly options that are used by advanced gamers.

Is DPI Better for League of Legends?

A high DPI account for better tracking. Mostly, it represents the number of dots per second your mouse can click while being moved.

Best Mouse for League of Legends Buying Guide

Players are usually attracted to games that encourage their competitiveness. However, gamers may lose interest in a game if they continuously find themselves on the losing side. To avoid this, ensure you go for the best League of Legends gaming mouse. Several factors come into play when buying a good mouse for League of Legends:

Ergonomic Design

How comfy is your favorite gaming mouse? This is the main question to answer before adding the mouse to the cart. After all, no one wants to sit for long hours and end the game with hurting fingers. As such, look out for a mouse with sufficient grip, which perfectly fits in your hands. If you’re a palm gripper, buy a wide and large mouse. Conversely, if you’re a tip gripper, buy a light, short, and one that has a small palm area. Finally, go for a small mouse with a thin elongated primary if you’re a claw gripper.

Programmable buttons

As multiplayer games are fast-paced, one requires a good league of legends mouse, if possible, one with easy-to-program buttons. If they are customizable, you can easily improve your gaming experience.

It is crucial in League of Legends that you get a mouse with short travel time and light clicks. This will greatly reduce finger fatigue and enhance your actions per minute. If you’re not sure about the number of buttons you need, at least four buttons will be sufficient for League of Legends.

Wired or Wireless

Do I buy a wired or a wireless gaming mouse? This decision is dependent on personal preference. Each of these gaming mice comes with their own pros and cons, making it a choice one should personally make.

For example, you can only move it to where the cable reaches for a wired mouse, and you risk being tangled.  Unlike a wireless mouse, you don’t run the risk of low battery and poor signal transmission. However, if you opt for a wireless mouse, buy one with a good battery life. Also, the wired mouse should feature a top-notch wire that doesn’t break easily.

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Weight is a crucial factor to consider when placing an order for a League of Legends mouse as it impacts your hand movement. Some gamers can vouch for lightweight mouse while others prefer bulky ones. The mouse weight varies from one gamer to the other. To be on the safe side, go for one that lies in between. Not too light and not too heavy.


The shape of the mouse is crucial because the grip style and hand size vary. Therefore, buying a mouse with an inappropriate shape may not fit you. Whether you’re a palm grip, claw grip, or fingertip grip, you need to go for the list of mice that suits you.

A mouse that doesn’t fit your hand size and grip style can affect your performance over long gaming hours. Besides, is there any point in buying a mouse you don’t find comfortable? The mouse shape should be a top priority to ensure it’s convenient.

Click Latency

This is the time it takes for a click to register. It’s the time between the press of a button and when the action occurs in the game. Low click latency means your clicks will be registered faster, thus boosting your gaming experience. Wireless mice have high click latency when compared to the wired mice.


The optical sensor in a mouse plays a significant role in how it performs. If a mouse has a low DPI, it takes time to move the screen’s cursor. A low DPI leads to better precision. However, it’s wise choosing a device that accommodates different DPI.


Gaming mice vary in prices. Some cost less than $50 and other expensive ones at a price of more than $100. The reason behind the discrepancy in price is due to price difference and the retailers’ cost. Therefore, you should determine the features your mouse should have before digging deep in your pockets. Essentially, look out for different mice that suit your gaming needs and then determine your price.

Best Mice for League of Legends Reviews

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor

Are you looking for a good league of legends gaming mouse? Look no further! The Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse comes complete with 10 programmable inputs, including the scroll, which is an excellent choice as you need the side buttons to switch from one weapon to another. This gaming mouse has a 7ms click latency, which is a bit low. With low click latency, you are guaranteed that all your clicks will be registered with no delays.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite features a DPI ranging from 100 to 20,000; this is a relatively high number. With this gaming mouse, you can instantly customize the DPI settings to what you like and instantly get ready for it. It also has an on-board memory that helps to save the profile in the mouse. This mouse has a cable that’s flexible and much easier to handle. Additionally, this is an all-around gaming mouse. This means that it suits all grip types and hand sizes.


  • 10 programmable inputs
  • On-board memory
  • 16000 DPI optical sensor
  • Chroma lighting
  • Wired connection
  • Rubber side grips


  • Stellar ergonomics
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • Gaming-grade scroll wheel for greater control
  • Programmable buttons
  • Immersive and customizable Chroma RGB lighting
  • Durable mechanical switches


  • Expensive
  • The left-click may register as a double click sometimes

Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 Hero High-Performance Gaming Mouse comes complete with a state-of-the-art optical gaming sensor that is highly responsive and accurate. This sensor increases reliable targeting and minimizes mouse acceleration. It has 5 settings that help you to switch DPI mode from 200 to 20,000 DPI. The Logitech G502 features RGP customizable lighting that gives chances to choose your favorite color from 16.8 million styles.

With this gaming mouse, you can easily adjust your lighting to the sleeping mode when the system is not in use.


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 5.2×2.95×1.57 inches
  • High-quality cloth pad
  • 12,000 DPI sensor
  • RGB Chroma lighting


  • Adjustable weight system
  • Delivers next-gen gaming speed, audio performance, and accuracy
  • High-performance sensor


  • The scroll wheel may break after a few days of use
  • Looks a bit bulky
  • Suitable for right-handed players

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse – 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor

The SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse delivers an eSport performance thanks to a custom-built TrueMove3 12,000 DPI and an optica tracking sensor. This gaming mouse is ergonomically designed and doesn’t tire even after long hours of gaming.

The 310 features spit trigger buttons that give you more control and low latency. It also comes with 2 zones and RGM prism illumination that allows lighting customization using 6 programmable buttons.


  • TrueMove3 sensor
  • 12,000 CPI and 350 IPS
  • Ultra-durable pure silicone
  • 50-million mechanical click switches
  • Full-spectrum 16.8 million colors


  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Delivers true eSports performance
  • Prism RGB lighting
  • Exclusive split-trigger buttons
  • Ergonomic design


  • The silicone sides don’t feel comfortable with some users.
  • A tad expensive

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse features lightspeed wireless technology that offers an impressive gaming experience. It features a lipo battery that gives you 180 hours of runtime and 140 hours of runtime on RGB lighting. This gaming mouse has over 16.8 million colors that are easily customized by the G Hub gaming software. What’s more, the gaming software can be used to customize the 11 buttons to suit your gaming needs.


  • 11 customizable buttons
  • Wireless connection
  • PMW3366 optical sensor zero
  • Powerplay Wireless Charging system


  • Exceptionally clean and crisp button feel
  • Lightspeed wireless technology
  • Features an infinite scroll wheel
  • Comfortable and enjoyable game


  • The left-click may fail
  • Can rattle when shaken


Best Mouse for League of Legends

Although the gaming mice market is huge, there are only a few mice that qualify for League of Legends. I hope you’ll get the best League of Legends mouse from this guide. No matter which mouse you choose, we have handpicked the best mice for League of Legends that will turn your gaming dream to life.

What are the Best Gaming Monitors under 400 Dollars?

The monitor is the window to the PC’s soul. Without a good display, playing games on your PC will seem lackluster. Selecting the best gaming monitor is a huge investment in your gaming future.

Gaming monitors come with different capabilities that work well with specific game genres. For instance, a monitor with a high refresh rate is ideal for battle and shooting games, but it’s not a necessity if you’re into strategy or simulation games.

Therefore finding an ideal budget gaming monitor is crucial to get the best out of your gaming sessions. If you’re operating on a budget, choose a monitor that will suit your gaming needs within the budget. If you’re looking for a gaming monitor under $400, look no further. In this guide, we will help you decode the most technical jargon you’ll come across when comparing gaming monitors.

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Why do Pro Gamers Use Small Do Monitors?

An enlarged image unavoidably creates more stress on the monitor displaying it. So, the computer might not have the power to produce the image without any lagging. For this reason, most gamers maintain a screen range of 18-22 inches for improved performance.

Is it Better to Play Games on a TV or Monitor?

Where the screen responsiveness is crucial, mostly in competitive gaming, a monitor is the most ideal because it’s capable of faster reactions. However, if a large picture is a priority and distortion or minor lagging can be ignored, then TVs can serve the purpose.

Why Do Gaming Pros use 24” Monitors?

You need a perfect balance between several essential values in a gaming monitor, like aspect ratio, a field of view, performance, resolution, or how far you can sit from the monitor. You can find good gaming monitors under $400 that measures more than 24-inch. However, this would mean large pixels and more stress on the processor, and so on.

How Many Monitors Do You Need to Stream?

Some gamers need a dual computer setup, so a second monitor results from your mode of operating. Some professional streamers work with more than two screens. Two screens meant for gaming and the others for streaming.

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Best Gaming Monitors under 400 Buying Guide

Choosing the best budget gaming monitor can be challenging and daunting for many gamers, as there are many specifications and options to take into account.

To get the best out of your latest video games, you’ll not only need a gaming monitor that has a powerful CPU and graphics card, but you’ll need one that will help you take the lead over your opponents. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the sea of gaming monitors.

Monitor Size and Panel Type

As in the case of many devices, the bigger it is, the more it’ll cost. However, for our wallets, bigger isn’t the best. When considering the monitor size, you have to consider its weight. A bigger monitor is usually bulkier and makes it difficult to use depending on your gaming setup. You should also consider the weight distribution of the monitor. If it comes with a heavy top, it’s at risk of tipping over at the slightest shake.

When choosing a gaming monitor, you should also consider the panel type. This refers to how the monitor is lit. Different panel types have various perks. Most gaming monitors are TN types, which is the most responsive type. The TN panel typing is ideal for gaming since it has fast response times.

Response Time

A monitor’s response time dictates how quickly the image will respond to your inputs. If the cursor moves 5 ms after moving the cursor, then your monitor has a 5ms response time. If you’re a gamer, you can easily differentiate a fast monitor and a slow one based on the gaming feeling. The response times you’re looking for should lie between 1-5 milliseconds, with a lower number ranking high.

Design and Connectivity Options

When looking at two monitors with similar specifications, the only things that differentiate them are the designs and connectivity options. The monitor’s design refers to how it’s comfortable when using. Is it height adjustable? Can it tilt or swivel? Is it compatible with wall mount or VESA mounting? These are things to look out for.

Additionally, no one wants a monitor that does not use a VGA port. The monitor should have an HDMI that supports high refresh rates.

Image Quality and Resolution

The image quality displayed on the screen depends on the resolution you’re operating at. The higher the monitor’s resolution, the clearer the images you will see. A full HD resolution can display a 1920×1080; this resolution can be referred to as 1080p.

If a monitor has a low pixel density, the image quality may be pixelated, meaning that there will be limited screen space plus a lack of details. If it’s too high, the monitor will have a lot of space and detail. However, you’ll have to scale the images for a small text to be readable. This isn’t a big problem as you can determine whether to sacrifice screen space for crispier and larger details or not.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the rate at which your monitor displays images. It is measured by how many different images can be displayed in an interval of 1 second. The most common refresh rate is 60Hz. If you’re searching for a gaming monitor, go for one with the highest refresh rate, anything between 60Hz and 144Hz will serve you best.

Adjustable Stand and VESA Mounts

One specification that many gamers ignore when looking for a monitor is the stand quality. A good stand will allow you to tilt it backward and forward and help you shift the monitor up and down.

Best Gaming Monitors under 400 Reviews

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24″ Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor

If you’re looking for a gaming monitor that can offer you an out-of-the-world gaming experience, look no further! The Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24″ Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor surpasses all your gaming expectations in any game. The Acer XFA240 monitor comes with 1920×1080 full HD resolution that resents eye-catching and top-notch images with outstanding details.

With the Acer XFA240, you can battle for hours with your opponents with the Acer EyeProtect’s Flicker-less technology. These features are ideal for gamers who want to minimize eye-strain from long gaming sessions. It also has a 1ms response time that enhances the in-game experience.

The Acer XFA240 is based on a TN panel with 350-nit peak brightness, 8-bit color depth, and 1080p resolution. If you have a FreeSync compatible graphics card, you can realize the full potential of the Acer XFA240. It also offers advanced picture advancements such as 6-axis saturation and gamma resets.


  • 24” Full HD widescreen
  • 1ms response time
  • TN panel type
  • 144HZ refresh rate
  • 2 speakers
  • Acer Visioncare Technologies


  • Comfortable viewing experience
  • Full HD resolution
  • High-quality images with excellent details
  • Optimal refresh rates
  • Kind to your eyes
  • G-Sync compatible


  • Inferior image quality when compared to IPS and VA panels
  • Narrow viewing angles

Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor (S2719DGF)

This is the latest Dell flagship gaming monitor that comes with AMD FreeSync technology. The Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor allows you to enjoy fast gameplay at a 1ms response time. However, while the S2719DGF comes with a 155Hz refresh rate and supports AMD FreeSync, it lacks HDR support and has a low contrast ratio.

The S2719DGF has a 0.5” bezel on the sides and top, which maximizes the screen area and makes it an ideal device for multi-monitor arrays. It also has a simple but sturdy mount with a wide range of adjustments.


  • 27″ screen LED-Lit
  • 155Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync
  • 1ms response time
  • Height adjustable


  • Fast pixel response
  • Fully adjustable stand
  • Wide range of ports
  •  Supports AMD FreeSync


  • No DisplayPort cable
  • No HDR support
  • Low contrast ratio

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor – AW2518Hf

Are you looking for a budget gaming monitor that features an iconic design that delivers immersive gaming? The Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor is built with high-quality materials in a thin and adjustable design. This monitor features a 240Hz refresh rate. It also features AMD FreeSync technology that offers a fantastic gaming experience.

The Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor has improved graphics card technology and a perfect brightness performance of over 400-nits with uniform and consistent luminance.


  • Lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync
  • 400-nits brightness
  • 1920×1080 screen resolution
  • 1ms response time


  • Impressive modern design
  • Clear and vibrant screen
  • Low input lag and quick response time
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Ergonomic functionalities


  • No gamma settings
  • No built-in speakers
  • Narrow viewing angles


Best Gaming Monitors under 400 Dollars

There are many confusing choices and more confusing marketing terms for gamers looking for the best gaming monitors.

If you’re looking for a perfect gaming monitor, this guide will help you get the right monitor that suits your needs and preferences without breaking the bank.