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Face thousands of enemies across 65 levels in an arcade style action extravaganza!

So, why should you purchase this package of arcade mayhem? If the images above haven't convinced you that When Asteroids Attack will fulfill your action needs, this should...
70+ crazy, action-packed sub-levels over 46 levels on two maps!
An ADDITIONAL 19 insane challenge levels in Challenge Mode!
Highly addictive, frantic survival mode!
Over 140 stars to earn, you completionist you!
Achievements! 6 types of them, each with multiple levels! You KNOW you love achievements...
Use earned cash and stars to upgrade your ship's firing speed and extra lives... If you want to stand a chance, that is.
A hilarious story that has as much love for sci fi as you do, believe it or not!
Literally thousands of asteroids and spores to destroy, bombs and moons to avoid and space pirates to battle on your quest for the Goldenroid.

So what are you waiting for? Buy it now - your adrenaline will thank you later! The only thing to decide on now is whether you want just want the download or if you want it on a CD shipped to you (instant game download as well; shipping included - U.S. ONLY)!

** When Asteroids Attack! is part of the "Not on Steam" sale, so it's 50% off of its regular $1.99 price! **

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