Note: The game is below all of the text, there's just a bunch extra due to the competition that's running this month!

Garage Zombie* is a game that's all about quick decisions and trying to make as much money as possible while buying often-silly goodies! Simply walk up to items on the tables and choose whether you want to buy them or not based on their estimated value. You'd better hurry, though, the sale ends very shortly after you get there each day! How much can YOU earn in 5 days?

It also took first place (out of 35!) in MiniLD 40 for Overall and Graphics! We've got a lot of great ideas to expand it and make it even better, but it's still a lot of fun as it is!

Also, while the game won't be worked on again until Escape from the Afterlife is complete, you can preorder the game any time! Doing so will get you two versions of each finished version of the game while it's being developed, including the final product - one without ads (but also without the high score board) and one with ads and high score board. Internet connection is required to add scores. You'll ALSO get an instant download of the current version as well!