Now you can subscribe to The Critterverse and get every one of the games we release for a whole year! Not only that, you'll get exclusive access to the games as they're being made! We're participating in the One Game a Month challenge, so you can expect at LEAST one game each month!

To celebrate our one year anniversary on 5/5 of full-time game development, the full game package is only $5! That's right - grab all 25 games we've made PLUS every game we make through May 5, 2014 for only $5!!!

Subscribe for a year AND get the Critterverse Game Collection!

Alternately, you can purchase any of our completed games to download individually for just $1 each (except for When Asteroids Attack, which is $1.99)!

When Asteroids Attack! When Asteroids Attack is a fast-paced, arcade action extravaganza! 70+ levels, a crazy challenge mode and hectic survival mode all dare you to play. It also happens to be our first big game!
Found: Ghastly Language You're Probationary Grammar Officer Gumshoe, and you've got to prove your worth by finding the grammatical errors on a Facebook-like social network!
The Critterville Christmas Store The Critterville Christmas Store is now open year round! Play four different minigames to celebrate!
The Critterville Halloween Store This is the exact same game as The Critterville Christmas Store, but Halloween-themed, in case you prefer cute/spooky!
Ellie's Clubhouse Ellie is looking for new members for her secret clubhouse, can you score well enough in the minigames and tests to reach LEGENDARY status? You'll even get a real printable certificate when you're done!
The Magnificent Minionizer Masquerade! Officially the Worst Game Ever (according to Dark Lord Critter at least)! Can you not only survive, but conquer the terror within? There’s only one way to find out…
Make a Story Make your own Mad-Lib-type stories with about a dozen stories!
Candy Catastrophe Our first game! Collect and clear all the candies to get as high a score as possible! Think you can clear the whole board? You better plan ahead! If your score isn't high enough, it's game over...
Million Dollar Words: Halloween Edition A hilarious vocabulary quiz game show featuring achievements, printable and downloadable rewards and seven hilarious Halloween-themed topics!
Million Dollar Words The ORIGINAL Million Dollar Words. It's still a hysterical vocabulary quiz game show, and it still features achievements, printable and downloadable prizes and seven hilarious topics though!