Click the ghosts on the bottom right or left to scroll, or just let it go on its own!

About the Game

Escape from the Afterlife is an RPG, but much simpler - you don't have to worry about multiple statistics, just your life, attack and defense. You don't have turn-based battles, you simply click on an enemy when you find them and you both scare each other. There isn't even an equip popup - you'll auto-equip better items as you find them and the old will go into a "trade" number that shows how much you'll make when you find the next shop. Because there's no violence, you'll use flashlights, lanterns and light-based items for "attack" and snuggle buddies, blankies and pillows for "defense".

As you'd expect, escaping from the afterlife is one heck of a challenge! That's why it's inevitable that you'll run out of courage and run away... When you do, you'll be able to upgrade your stats and learn new abilities by using fear that's dropped from enemies that run away. Each time you go through it, you'll get closer to the end, find new treasures (some that you even get to hold on to when you run away!), earn more money and fear and eventually escape!

The game doesn't end there, though - you're not the only one who wants to escape, and each of the FIVE characters you'll help escape have their own crazy, mysterious story. While they'll all be escaping the same 50 randomized floors, they all have different abilities to learn and even methods to play (one thrives on fear, for example, while another can't equip anything at all).

We do hope you enjoy the game, and our journey to create it! Remember that you can preorder the game and get the newest version every time it's created for only $1! The Paypal purchase at the top is all it takes.


  1. The 48 hour version created for the January 1GAMCRUNCH