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Welcome to The Critterverse! Play some free games, check out our partially-completed games in the labs, learn more about the cute, lovable critters and check out the store for some terrific stuff! Above all, though, have an awesome time!

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Our Most Popular Games

The ASCIIvader Trilogy

Help Squareface defeat the Multiplinoids across three games! Dodge like a maniac in ASCIIvader I, make em multiply and dodge even more in II and then upgrade, shoot, dodge and annihilate in III!
When Asteroids Attack

When Asteroids Attack is a fast-paced, arcade action extravaganza! 70+ levels, a crazy challenge mode and hectic survival mode all dare you to play. It also happens to be our first big game!

Our Current Project: Escape from the Afterlife

Escape from the Afterlife is a part-spooky, part-silly, all-fun adventure through 50 floors of fright! You'll even get to play as numerous unlockable characters that can completely change the game. Purchasing upgrades with fear dropped from enemies is the only way you'll escape as each of the characters, and you'll want to escape with them each to learn their crazy stories! The game has absolutely zero violence: you use flashlights to scare off enemies; enemies use their skills of terror to make you run away. Find out more about Escape from the Afterlife here!

You can sign up to get every new version of the game as it's made, PLUS the final version if you preorder the game for just $1. The game will be $1 to download once it's released anyway, so you're just earning all kinds of awesome updates and insight on game development along the way!

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